Everything You Do, Do for God. And Everything God Does, He Does for You


That is what one of the boys spending all day scrubing the floor beside Elizabeth Gilbert said. He was lecturing her earnestly on how to best perform her work there. I found this on page 131 and it resonated with me at once.

Doesn’t it sound so heavenly, pleasing apart from any scepticism sneaking in after that? To these human beings with weary souls, his words hit the bull’s eye.

We’re tired of doing the best we canĀ  as there’s no immediate appreciation or tangible instant acknowledgment for our hard work. And we either slowly or at once reconsider why we must give the best when even the mediocre is fine, acceptable? Lowering down the standards and then what? What a disastrous way of thinking…

Mediocrity and monotony DO suck. I rest my case.

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