It was a divine coincidence that I stumbled upon a Greek story about Pandora on http://greece.mrdonn.org/greekgods/pandora.html. After I thought a moment after that, I realized how inspiring this story/myth can be for us and can be a theme story for this blog. Human beings were destined to live in sufferings, pain, difficulties, and lots of others untold predicaments.
After Pandora stole and opened the lid of the box Zeus gave to her husband, it is told that:
“Out flew every kind of disease and sickness, hate and envy, and all the bad things that people had never experienced before. Pandora slammed the lid closed, but it was too late. All the bad things were already out of the box. They flew away, out into the world.
Pandora cried and cried. Epimetheus woke up at the sound of her sobbing. I opened the box and all these ugly things flew out,?she cried. I tried to catch them, but they all got out.?Pandora opened the box to show him how empty it was. But the box was not quite empty. One tiny bug flew quickly out before Pandora could slam the lid shut again.
Hello, Pandora,?said the bug, hovering just out of reach. My name is Hope. With a nod of thanks for being set free, Hope flew out into the world, a world that now held Envy, Crime, Hate, and Disease, and also Hope.”
So many people out there are struggling to figure out the mystery of life and each of us is having problems with our lives. Frustrating but true, we need those ugly things named Envy, Crime, Hate, and Disease to make our extremely gloomy world turn bright. Those ugly things seem to be blessings in disguise, for those who know how to live this life.
As for me now, I need to open another ’Pandora’s box’ not to make myself suffer from all the misery it may cause, but to give myself the hope I need to continue this life in a more meaningful way. Starting something new is like opening a box we don’t know the content at all. And what it all takes is the courage to simply open, start, begin, and dispel the haunting fear at the very same time. Pandora had risked herself by opening the box and finally gotten the merits of Hope. So? Let’s focus on releasing Hope in our own box,as Hope is worth releasing.
Thanks Pandora for releasing hope for us…


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