Namaste Festival 2014 Has Begun!


As I took the pictures, I can feel the breeze up here at the media center of Namaste Festival 2014 at Hotel Sultan Jakarta. Being a volunteer for a couple of hours pays. A yoga buddy gave me a free pass to one class and I choose Patric Beach’s Core on Fire. I like the core work, which proves to be my prominent weakness so far.

After a whole day being with entrepreneurs yesterday, now I am surrounded by different species of creatures. These are flexible and physically agile and strong people. They pursue physical fitness and more importantly, peace of souls. Unlike entrepreneurs I saw yesterday, yogis don’t really care about material success or fame or impression. But I may be wrong. Some yogis now even have marketing and selling skills anyone never imagined before. They know what to copyright so they can sue anyone who copies or adopts or uses things they think they have invented. It’s not wrong. But some limitations might apply to avoid public outrage and disappointment over overly commercialized yoga. You know…

It’s really damn hard to find the balance, how to make a living from yoga without being like a pushy salesman or pure hard seller who keeps bugging people who don’t want to buy stuff they sell.

Namaste Festival,

Anita Buntarman selaku pendiri Namaste Festival sedang menjelaskan semua kegiatan dalam festival ini.

Namaste Festival mungkin masih asing di telinga kita, tetapi bagi para pegiat yoga di ibukota mungkin sudah akrab dengan festival satu ini.

Kemarin pagi Anita Buntarman dan Ine Noor berkenan hadir untuk latihan bersama dan menjelaskan apa saja kegiatan dalam Namaste Festival yang akan diselenggarakan tanggal 2-4 Desember 2011.

Banyak guru yoga berkaliber internasional hadir dan akan memberikan kelas-kelas yoga bagi para peserta di Indonesia.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut bisa dibaca di

The good news is member beberapa klub kebugaran dan anggota Yoga Gembira akan dapat diskon 30% jika membeli tiketnya loh!