Do You Do Yoga out of Fear of Death?

Do you do yoga because you want to live as long as you can? Maybe. (Photo crdit:

MAYBE IT’S A question out of curiosity or blatantness. But that morning when I heard of this, it took quite a while for me to digest it as . The person who hurled that statement was a 86-year-old man who had a walking stick with him and just took a short walk in Sunday morning. I have no idea what to say or react to it. It was so sudden and nerve-wrecking to me.

“You all are doing yoga now because you’re afraid of death, aren’t you?” he asked us rethorically.

At the time when I wanted to answer, I too wanted to ask him whether he came to the park that morning with the same fear that if he’d stayed at home all day long, he would’ve deceased much sooner. Yet, I refrained myself from asking him the similar question. I don’t talk back to elderly.

Only then I came to realize that it might be true. And it’s not only me, but also him, and everyone who exercises, meditates, moves and breathes mindfully. I believe human beings are bond to that fear. We share the same fear.

Is it wrong? Absolutely not. It’s our instinct, naturally procured from our ancestors. It’s never wrong to be willing to survive as long as you can, right? Because if one loses that zeal to move forward along this life then s/he can be likened to a living corpse.

It’s true that I take up yoga with some faint hope in my deepest corner of my mind (which I at times deny) that I can intervene and prolong my life and health span. I don’t want to get older with so much pain – physically, mentally, psychologically – throughout my body, mind, and soul. It’s not my way to live a life. I want a better way to spend my lifetime. And hence, yoga! It’s been proven effective for aeons so why not?

In short, I do yoga to prolong NOT my lifespan, but my healthspan. (*/)