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What Shifting from Artificial Face Moisturizer to Olive Oil Can Do to My Face and World View

LIKE everyone in the era of glorious advertisement, I also believe strongly in what widely promoted commercial products can do for me to improve my quality of life. I, for instance, saw this 33-year-old Nicholas Saputra applying some branded face … Continue reading

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Writing Can Cure Addiction, Can’t It?

WHILE I have seen so many people talking about writing and its positive effects at school or at home, never have I discovered people applying writing as an inseperable part of their therapy for serious mental illnesses such as addiction. … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Telemetry and Data Privacy at Mozilla (Non-Geeks Only)

WHILE on his travel around some parts of South East Asia,¬†Georg Fritsche doesn’t forget to share the virtue of his organization, Mozilla. Having worked for the entity for the recent six years, the German-born geek sat down with us at … Continue reading

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Begini Cara Kota Saya Kudus Dukung Bersama Suksesnya Asian Games 2018

Hitung mundur perhelatan akbar olahraga Asian Games 2018 sudah dimulai sejak setahun lalu. Medio Agustus 2018 menandai 365 hari menuju pembukaan event akbar yang membanggakan bangsa Indonesia yang menjadi tuan rumah penyelenggaranya. Di Jakarta sebagai ibukota negara sekaligus salah satu … Continue reading

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