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“Aroma Karsa”: The Review

DEWI LESTARI and the literary prowess she is now having are quite astonishing, to be honest. Because I am not her huge fan, I am not quite familiar with her works. I once read “Rectoverso”, a compilation of short stories … Continue reading

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My Ultimate 2019 Digital Resolution: Going Un-mainstream

I have been giving it so much thought. While Facebook and its giant business tentacles like WhatsApp and Instagram are robbing away our privacy, I decided to bid farewell to Facebook earlier this year. And I prove myself capable of … Continue reading

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Combatting Fake News in 5 Simple Steps

Within a few months, Indonesia is about to undergo a five-yearly political ‘ordeal’ called presidential election. In 2014, we saw how the loathesome politics before our naked eyes. And it takes no time for us to see fake news circulating … Continue reading

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Office Workers, Sedentary Lifestyle and Mental Illness

The year of 2018 marks my eight year of living in Jakarta. And throughout these years, I have been living most of my life as a corporate worker. In some other time, I also work as a freelancer, trying to … Continue reading

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Here’s My Secret to Not Gaining Weight After A Huge Huge Meal

In my entire childhood and early adulthood and current adulthood, never did I lose the title of “thin boy”. Every time people see me, the first thought that occured to them is this:”You must eat more” or “You must eat … Continue reading

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Longing for Old Sundanese Authenticity in Parijs van Java

A local historian in Bandung was upset to find out some people call the capital of West Java “Paris van Java”. Nonsensical, he said. If you wrote it in Dutch, then it goes like this: Parijs van Java. But if … Continue reading

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