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Diary Burning: Horrible or Usual?

Andy is a friend of mine who everyone will never thought to be a diary keeper. The 37-year-old guy looks too sturdy and manly. His biceps have girth twice as mine. So is his visceral fat level. Though I take … Continue reading

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How Smoking Writers Quit Smoking Successfully

Creative people and caffeine and tobacco are like a trio. When I was working at an advertising agency, I came to learn this fact the hard way. With me as an exception, everyone in the office is a smoker and … Continue reading

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Stressed Out? Go Blogging!

Contrary to popular belief, expressive writing that gets read by others apparently provides real benefits. The effects are real when compared with private diary writing. At least that’s what American Psychological Association (APA) publicized in early 2012. These psychologists claimed … Continue reading

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A Review: “Monyet Bercerita” (A Monkey Has Stories)

PERSONALLY, I know Aris Kurniawan. He is a friend of mine with whom I occasionally meet at a local park on Saturday morning. We go there for the different reasons: he does aerobics training with a bunch of sedentary people … Continue reading

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Madesan Eatery: Healthy, Plant-based Catering for Health-Minded Jakartans

FINDING a reliable eating establishment where you can eat healthy foods and drinks in Jakarta is a huge challenge. At least for me. As we all know, Jakarta is home to a vast number of both traditional (old) and emerging … Continue reading

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Writers’ Commitment Renewal

Last night I discovered someone’s Instagram handle. Out of curiosity, I clicked it and I was led to a feed full of heavily edited travel photos, urban landscapes and social gatherings. Very typical, indeed. But what caught my attention is … Continue reading

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Making It to London Book Fair 2019

My heart can’t contain the joy upon discovering the news that a couple of books in which I was involved have finally made it at London Book Fair 2019. Though I’m childless, I can tell this feeling is slightly similar … Continue reading

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Losing Mentors

I am in grief. It took me around an entire month to discover the fact that one of my mentors I look up to passed away. Blame it on my digital news diet. I was just googling and suddenly I … Continue reading

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Slow Writing for Better Results

NOW I’m confident enough to say that my slow typing habit is justified and defended by science. I saw J.K. Rowling showcased an admirable typing speed in the documentary years ago. She punched that keyboard with the enthusiasm I’ve never … Continue reading

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Traveling with Meaning

It has been quite a while since the last time I wandered around somewhere all alone. Trying to get lost in a foreign place, without giving a single attention to anyone and anything. With the booming leisure economy around the … Continue reading

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