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My Life Purpose Is…

Many. Am I too greedy? But really, I want to achieve many things in life. Researchers as quoted by stated that living with a clear sense of purpose may help us live longer. Living long is just a life … Continue reading

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Funding Globetrotting Lifestyle for Non-Bourgeoisie Members of Society

Let’s be transparent. Do you think globetrotting is possible for everyone on earth regardless of their economic status? No. It is very sad to see that some people are still disillusioned by this misleading campaign from European backpackers and digital … Continue reading

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Living Carless in Jakarta

There are times when a relative told me to go home by car on Ied el-Fitr. I am bothered a bit because I am no car person. I have no willingness to spend my money (and have no substantial money … Continue reading

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“The Happy Prince”: The Not-So-Happy Life of an Irish Literary Giant

When I watched “The Importance of Being Earnest” movie in my junior year as an English Literature undergraduate student back then in 2004, little did I know that the author whose name was Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Will Wilde was in … Continue reading

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Unstoppably Spreading the Love of Extensive Reading

I’ve been living in Japan for 37 years. Prior to that I had been teaching English in America for 5 years. I’ve been doing Extensive Reading (ER) for at least 35 years. And I’ve been teaching in my current university … Continue reading

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Teachers Who Changed My Life

It is May, which is the national education month in Indonesia. The second of May is celebrated as the national education day.   So I took time to ponder for a minute or two, trying to come up with the … Continue reading

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Forest Bathing the Indonesian Way

The other day I read an article about forest bathing tradition in Japan. There is nothing new about it but when it is scientifically proven to be of great help for human kinds, suddenly this captures my attention.I knew that … Continue reading

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Galen Stolee and His Love-Hate Relationships with Photography

Galeen Stolee is an American doctoral student from the University of Harvard. His undergraduate was Film and Media Studies at University of Santa Cruz, California. He became interested in photography as a hobby. “How did you start to love photography?” … Continue reading

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