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The Great Hack: A Documentary That’ll Make You Hate Social Media

In 2009, I was signing up for Facebook for the first time. I was online on my Motorola phone and the idea of hyperconnected-ness seemed very cool and futuristic at the time. Unbeknownst to me, I had also traded my … Continue reading

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Orang Kudus soal Hukuman Mati untuk Bupati Kudus

Saya yakin sepenuhnya bahwa para pemimpin adalah cerminan dari rakyat yang memilihnya. Dan jika ada yang salah dalam diri pemimpin, seharusnyalah kita sebagai rakyat perlu tidak hanya mengoreksi pemimpin tersebut tetapi juga mawas diri. Apa saja yang sudah kita lakukan … Continue reading

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Kawat Gigi: Perlu atau Tidak?

Ada banyak faktor mengapa saya ingin memasang kawat gigi meskipun sudah di usia yang tak bisa dikatakan remaja lagi. Banyak yang berkata merapikan gigi idealnya dilakukan saat masih anak-anak atau saat remaja sehingga hasilnya lebih optimal dan juga cepat. Bagi … Continue reading

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The Miserable State of Online News

Now I’m less and less visiting online news outlets. Especially ones with clickbait headlines and listicles. I’m enough with all the hoaxes around the web. I quit Facebook altogether without remorse. Though still on Instagram, I’m trying to restrict my … Continue reading

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“La Grande Borne”: Mengintip Diari Pribadi Pengarang Progresif

Membaca beberapa bagian awal buku tulisan pengarang perempuan Indonesia ini, saya sempat terkesan dengan gaya berceritanya yang tidak cuma mengalir tetapi juga sangat blak-blakan. “Tanpa tedeng aling-aling”, kalau boleh menggunakan jargon bahasa Jawa yang kadang ia masukkan dalam tulisan-tulisannya. Yang … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Midlife Crisis

As we sat down together after a Bikram Yoga class that very sizzling morning, my boss and I exchanged some jokes and stories. My first yoga class in a heated room ended gloriously. I walked out of the room losing … Continue reading

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This Is Why You Should Install Mozilla Firefox and Ditch Chrome

HEATED conversations on the web regarding  online privacy post Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal months ago keeps gaining momentum. Though most people find it boring, the issue is in fact crucial so as to prevent such unhealthy domination. One of the best … Continue reading

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On Experiencing Ageism in This Real Life

I can relate to what James Hamblin of The Atlantic is experiencing. He is a year older than I am but he looks like in this video a twelve year old boy.  He is Caucasian, which I can make sure … Continue reading

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Garmin Vivosmart HR+: Best Buy Activity Tracker cum Smartwatch

So here’s a brief background of my purchase of this Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus. First, it is blue. I previously wanted a Samsung smartwatch but I got disappointed to discover the fact that the brand does not offer a blue … Continue reading

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Welcome Storyliving, Goodbye Storytelling!

As a copywriter myself, I’ve heard so much in the marketing industry that storytelling is the big thing. You have to produce engaging content that people would love to consume and then share. And from there, it’ll go viral, which … Continue reading

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