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This Is Why You Should Install Mozilla Firefox and Ditch Chrome

HEATED conversations on the web regarding ¬†online privacy post Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal months ago keeps gaining momentum. Though most people find it boring, the issue is in fact crucial so as to prevent such unhealthy domination. One of the best … Continue reading

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On Experiencing Ageism in This Real Life

I can relate to what James Hamblin of The Atlantic is experiencing. He is a year older than I am but he looks like in this video a twelve year old boy.¬† He is Caucasian, which I can make sure … Continue reading

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Garmin Vivosmart HR+: Best Buy Activity Tracker cum Smartwatch

So here’s a brief background of my purchase of this Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus. First, it is blue. I previously wanted a Samsung smartwatch but I got disappointed to discover the fact that the brand does not offer a blue … Continue reading

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Welcome Storyliving, Goodbye Storytelling!

As a copywriter myself, I’ve heard so much in the marketing industry that storytelling is the big thing. You have to produce engaging content that people would love to consume and then share. And from there, it’ll go viral, which … Continue reading

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Learning the Meaning of Father’s Day from the Prousts

There is no man of literature that can describe the most humbling father-son relationship than French great novelist Marcel Proust and his father, Adrien Proust. Two days before 26 November 1903, Adrien experienced a massive stroke attack while teaching in … Continue reading

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If Jakarta Sinks…

Asian Boss has asked several young Jakartans what they think of the recent discourse of moving the capital to a new city outside Java Island. If I were one of them, I’d say: “It should’ve done long time ago. It … Continue reading

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Foreign Language (Mis)Used as the Most Efficient Politeness Maker

My hometown is one of the least towns on earth you are likely to find scantily clad women on ads. We observe the Islamic laws and morals and ethics. Veiled women are everywhere to see. The atmosphere of conservatism and … Continue reading

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Jakarta as a Tranquil Ghost City Is Right around the Corner

Three more days to go to Eid here in Jakarta. And the holiday vibe is in the air for not only a week but five weeks!!! How come? So the countdown has started since the beginning of Ramadan. Everyone is … Continue reading

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My Life Purpose Is…

Many. Am I too greedy? But really, I want to achieve many things in life. Researchers as quoted by stated that living with a clear sense of purpose may help us live longer. Living long is just a life … Continue reading

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Funding Globetrotting Lifestyle for Non-Bourgeoisie Members of Society

Let’s be transparent. Do you think globetrotting is possible for everyone on earth regardless of their economic status? No. It is very sad to see that some people are still disillusioned by this misleading campaign from European backpackers and digital … Continue reading

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