Awfully Persecuted

I know this man very well. He’s well-manered, soft-spoken, with a pair of dopey eyes like ones of a deer. That day when we met the first time, he gently addressed me. We just met on that day but felt like we already forged a friendship for a very very long time.

It’s true though. We met online. We read each other’s work published on our blogs. But what makes me stunned is he had gone through a lot of hardship till today. He told me some of his pivotal life events. Such as when he was involved in a guerilla political movement and got detained for his involvement, his experience as a university dropout though he was actually a bright student in class.

Such a rough and tough life to live.

Once again, he proves to be a ‘huge fan’ of a rough and tough life. I remember reading an article stating that a man loses some amount of his testosterone after marriage. It turns out to be true.

I saw him being persecuted online by the mass on social media. Mercilessly. An eerie sensation to feel, I must say. And moments later after some exchanges of word in unstoppable fury with enraged unseen folks of different political and religious stances, he began to grapple what seemed at stake. His beloved career and family! If he kept moving forward, they all had to be sacrificed. And when he realized, damn, it was too late! There was no undo button.

He has lost his job, and pretty much everything he has fought for years fully filled with toil.

After a while, I pondered and asked myself whether such a thing is worthwhile. Having my say was always encouraged back then in my school days but nowadays I’d rather be silent and swallow everything I have in mind especially when it comes to politics.

Lately political situations and news make me puke like nothing else can do. Fanaticism, bigotry, religious bias, intolerance, LGBT debates, etc. The list goes on and on and on.

What is it all about?!! All this noise?!!

All of a sudden the world has gone wild and uncontrollable. And then I realized it has been always wild but now that internet and social media are existent to help us stay connected with one another, it has dawned on me that it also sets us apart from each other.

Disheartening, indeed.

For my forlorn, persecuted buddy out there, thank you for standing up to show them your opinion. It’s a hard, gruesome path to take for sure and definitely one I am never capable of taking or willing to take.

And for anyone on earth who have screwed up us all with hoax and hate speech and anger for the sake of their own self or group or familial or political gains, only God knows what awaits them all in the afterlife.

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