Blogging with Meaning (My Reflection of a 6-Year Period of Blogging)

Six years of blogging and here I am.
Six years of blogging and here I am.

In Indonesia, today is National Blogging Day. I had no idea why it should be October 27th but years ago the Indonesia Minister of Communications and Informatics Muhammad Nuh initiated the celebration on the day. On that specified date, a bunch of bloggers would get together and do whatever they wanted to do, such as discussing the advancement of the Internet, the web freedom, the still-pricey-yet-slow Internet connection of the country. And what made me remember most is that the bloggers day is also a special day to me, personally speaking. More on that later.

Till this very day, I have so many reasons why I did, do and will always love blogging no matter what. It — the sharing spirit — runs through my veins. There is some tingling sensation when you’ve been idle on the blogosphere for a while and you feel so hollow inside because to be useful, you have to share whay you’ve got.
Having retreated from the corporate world for almost a month, I now come back to where I started: blogging. Years ago, months before I landed my corporate job, I was blogging like I had nothing else to do in my life. Every day I sat and type, and read other people’s blogs, learning a lot from them and at the same time, trying to adopt what is applicable to my amateurish blog and what seemed impossible so I could save the strategies and apply them later on when things were more ready.
And here I am now; I have my own self-hosted WordPress blog, something I’d always longed for. I feel professional and free (as I have more freedom to or not to set up an ad space here).
Unlike blogging for a company, now I’m blogging without any constraint of themes. I can roam, explore, and experiment with whatever themes I wish. Yet, mostly I’m atrracted to writing and yoga, two of my main interests currently.
Blogging is fascinating. It’s indeed part of my personal branding campaign but that doesn’t necessarily mean I do it for money or personal benefits. Not always. It’s not my one and only main motive of blogging after all.
It is true that blogging helps me get some clients. I had an offer of yoga private classes after someone visited my blog and sent me an email saying he needed me to teach him yoga on weekly basis. I had no idea before that blogging can enable me and other people to ease our problem of getting clients and getting services needed.
That’s not all. I have a yoga student who also found me offline and then stumbled upon me on the web. I have a fanpage for my blog and this person happened to like my posts. Hence, from that moment on, she has been stalking me, my thoughts, my yoga practice (I uploaded my asana photos a little bit too frequently back then, but now I give more thought before publishing anything on my wall or timeline). It sounds like a trade-off for the privacy but if you manage to set up boundaries on what to post or to refrain yourself from posting, you’ll know the online world is not that unsafe.
I don’t say blogging is all about sweet memories and great, inspiring experiences that makes you elated day by day. I’m no lover of sugarcoating truths. Some days were so lame and mundane and soul-crushing. And of course, I hate being an ordinary blogger, who copies and pastes online stuff and enjoys some extra money for himself, or paraphrases others’ thoughts and gets away just like that without thinking too much about responsibilities for spreading unique and honest yet ethical information.
I too did make some mistakes on the journey of blogging. Once I published too private information which some others deemed too risky to share on the web. And things went awry when my stuff got republished without my permission and knowledge. So some people hunted me, criticizing I must have taken down the very information off my blog and even deleted it. But little did they know, I almost immediately (several hours after having hit the publish button) deleted the information on my blog after giving a little further thought. What I aimed at was how I could be of help to this certain person who I guessed needed assistance. It was too late for me to realize that people may have different interpretation of your supposedly good deeds. There’s likelihood that they construe your deed in a very different way, using different perspectives that never entered your mind before you hit that publish button.

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