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The Miserable State of Online News

Now I’m less and less visiting online news outlets. Especially ones with clickbait headlines and listicles. I’m enough with all the hoaxes around the web. I quit Facebook altogether without remorse. Though still on Instagram, I’m trying to restrict my … Continue reading

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Dr. James Bacchus: From a Journo To a World Politician

Some parts of his life is a typical story of baby boomers, a generation before mine. Dr. James Bacchus was the first person in his family to get a college degree. He got a full academic scholarship from Vanderbilt University … Continue reading

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Will Writers Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly intruding our civilization, everyone from every job sector seems to be frantic and anxious right now. “Will I be replaced by a robot?” “Will I lose my current job in the near future to … Continue reading

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Refugees and Literature

To some people, picturesque and Instagrammable panorama and places provide them a flood of inspiration to write. However, some draw inspiration from misery. And misery does love company. Kurdish journalist cum Australian immigration detainee Behrouz Bouchani wants everyone around the … Continue reading

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National Press Day: Indonesian Journalists Need More Protection

I don’t know if you agree or not, but a blogger is also a journalist in some way. S/he is sometimes more opinionated than a journalist is allowed to be and that what makes him/ her unique and more humane … Continue reading

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Combatting Fake News in 5 Simple Steps

Within a few months, Indonesia is about to undergo a five-yearly political ‘ordeal’ called presidential election. In 2014, we saw how the loathesome politics before our naked eyes. And it takes no time for us to see fake news circulating … Continue reading

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Begini Cara Media-media Ini Bisa Bertahan dan Hasilkan Laba Tanpa Taktik Clickbait

KITA SEMUA TAHU apa itu “clickbait”. Judul berita (konten) yang menggoda untuk diklik karena membangkitkan emosi dan perasaan tertentu dalam diri pembacanya. Jangankan orang awam yang berpendidikan rata-rata, mereka yang tergolong intelektual dan berpemikiran dewasa dan matang saja kadang terperosok … Continue reading

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Investigative Journalism as the Future of Print Media

QUALITY JOURNALISM HAS not ended. It still survives despite the collapse of print media. Churnalists – pseudojournalists who sit and type like crazy in their comfortable cubicles days and nights until their backs ache and eyes redden- certainly always win … Continue reading

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The Real Challenge Muslims are Facing Today

IT’S NOT EASY to be living as a moslem these days. Especially when one lives in the West, where the religion is prejudiced negatively by the public and media. It’s been always under scrutinity and criticism. In the recent years … Continue reading

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Politik Indonesia dalam ‘Kutukan’ Roda Hamster

ENTAH apa yang mendorong saya untuk meraih dan membuka buku berwarna merah dan putih itu. Saya buka buku yang berisi kumpulan tajuk milik salah satu pewarta terbaik negeri ini, Muchtar Lubis. Di dalamnya saya baca tulisan-tulisan pendeknya soal berbagai isu … Continue reading

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