Cyber Bullying in the Coverage of @tifsembiring's Social Media Faux Pas Goes Too Far


Amazed… And sickened.

Not by the statement of the minister, but the overly abundant shower of attention media is paying to the social media faux pas committed by the Indonesia’s communication minister, Tifatul Sembiring.

Of course, it is an amusing irony to learn that the staunch advocate of anti online pornography movement and policy did follow a Twitter handle associated to sexually explicit content. Yet, I was wondering whether the amount of attention is a bit too much, overshadowing what is essential. It’s more like cyber-bullying than proper press coverage to me. They’ve been mocking Sembiring, even gets involved in the stunt. I’m no huge fan of his, I have neither political loyalty to his party nor Indonesian politics. No trust is left for them, I must say.

But bullying is still bullying, regardless of the excuse(s).

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