Drive Books Jakarta: Books Flea Market and Charity

The less premium books are displayed on this counter. Metta Anggriani, my buddy at Yoga Gembira, was spotted behind it wearing sunglasses.The other counters seeling books look particularly swarmed by passers-by on the Jakarta Car Free Day. The books there are sold even cheaper, only 5k.

How can I not love Hotel Indonesia Turnaround (Bundaran HI) on Car Free Days like this?

This is where the exclusive, premium books are sold. Only as much as Rp.50k! And I got Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" .

I got seven lovely books in my hand, and practically had to bring them from EX to Karet Kuningan ON FOOT. I spent more than the actual budget but for (extra affordable) books, I won't complain.

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  1. at says:

    eat, pray, love kialei pak…. “urutan menentukan kepentingan” inget wejangannya wkt kuliah grammar dl.. 🙂

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