Forest Bathing the Indonesian Way

The other day I read an article about forest bathing tradition in Japan. There is nothing new about it but when it is scientifically proven to be of great help for human kinds, suddenly this captures my attention.I knew that walking or hiking in woods helps us in some way regain our deteriorating health and well being.But that is nothing if done all by yourself.Walking in woods and breathing in lots of oxygen is good.And walking in woods and breathing the fresh air with close friends is even much better. So I guess.It was May Day holiday and we had a quick plan three days before that. We picked a relatively close destination that won’t cost us a fortune. We don’t have to spend a night there. We just wanted to have some, wait, as much fun as possible in a single day.We rented a car and off we went to Cibatok, somewhere in the foothill of Mount Salak, which you can see from Jakartan skyscrapers’ rooftops in an early morning with clear sky and lovely weather.Cibatok in Bogor is located around 90-minute trip by car from Bogor train station. And you would see a hilly landscape that houses many hot springs and waterfalls, big and small.

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