How To Not Make Any Health Resolutions and Still Achieve Them in 2018

I read a magazine this afternoon. It was an edition of January 2018. My eyes hit a compilation of random people interviews. They’re from various walks of life apparently.

And I don’t know why but everytime they were asked to answer the question “Was there any unaccomplished resolution last year?”, their remarks were diverse but when I’m allowed to extract them all into one single phrase, it’d be: “FAILURE OF ACHIEVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

They blamed it all on the jobs they chose, the schedules they had, the families they love most.

They in fact blamed the failure of being healthier on whatever external factors they could find, just to feel “I’m innocent and I had worked hard towards that but they dragged me down. They didn’t allow me to get better healthwise.”

This is why I hate health resolutions. Not to mention making up ones. Not because I know I must fail after all but because I’m so convinced that this life always goes the way you never ever predict. With that belief in mind, I seem so zen to most of you.

But it’s not. I actually am too lazy to plan (in restrospect,  I saw myself as an anti-planner). Perhaps because planning almost always ends up with disappointment in various scales. So instead of ruminatively making meticulous plans on how I must live my life from now, I focus more on the what I can do best with anything I have in hand to begin my health-related undertaking.

The best trick I can pick to remind myself of my ‘goal’ and how I stay on the right track without being too halucinated by the daily grind is KEEPING A HEALTH JOURNAL.

I know, keeping a personal journal based on health-related activities seems so womanish but I’ve proved its efficiency.

For several recent years, I’ve been unintentionally jotting down my own exercise frequency and types of practice (not for public consumption though). The journal itself began as a general note on my daily activities and the ups and downs. And whenever I reread my notes, I can always find my documentation of yoga practice and calisthenics, which has never been my initial intention to start a journal. But because the notes were done casually, the details were not quite satisfactory.

So in this first week of the new year, I’m committed myself to taking notes on what I’m working on with my body and soul (because I want a wellbeing progress which goes beyond physical vigor and flexibility) on a single particular day.

How about you? Do you have any tips on how to get healthier without setting even a resolution? (*)

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