Let’s Talk About Midlife Crisis

As we sat down together after a Bikram Yoga class that very sizzling morning, my boss and I exchanged some jokes and stories.

My first yoga class in a heated room ended gloriously. I walked out of the room losing only water in my body. Ego still in check and intact. No injuries caused. No dizziness. It was all good and smooth.

Being a younger subordinate, I was on the receiving end, all ears. Ready to absorb more knowledge of life he has to offer.

After we told each other our age, he said,” At your age now, I was experiencing midlife crisis….”

Then I knew our conversation glided towards something serious.

Following a morning prayer, he had a whim that he wanted to run 35 km on his 35th birthday.  It was not something I wanted to do in my wildest dream. Well, maybe not if I don’t have a strong reason to do so.

This kind of challenge is somewhat familiar if you are an endurance sport enthusiast. If you’re 35 you bench press 35 kg, or you do 35 push ups, or 35 sit ups or 35 pull ups. Anything challenging for whatever repetitions that equals your chronological age.

He did so partly because – as he admitted – he dealt with what we call now  “Midlife Crisis”. It is a period of emotional difficulty and instability leading to be more curious than usual about who someone is really and what his or her place in the world is.

Individuals in the crisis experience distress and feel uncertain but scientists say this is the right time as well to open ourselves to novel ideas and propositions. Midlife crisis also leads us to a supply of new insights and creativite ideas.

This type of crisis in fact commonly occurs in the world. No one seems to be immune to that. So if you’re now in this crisis, don’t think you’re all alone. You’re just unaware that fellow midlife crisis sufferers are around you.

And I think most of us don’t know that happiness varies throughout life. Scientists said it follows a U-shaped curve. Which means, humans normally feel happy in their childhood or early years of adulthood and then they feel most unhappy during their midlife period and when they reach old age, things seem to get better once again.

That said, if you’re in midlife crisis now, consider NOT to commit suicide or do something stupid or useless or hamrful both for yourself, your own immediate family or friends.

Keep pushing forward.

Do the best thing you can do to reach the finish line. Sound and kicking still even if you feel wretched and wrecked. (*/)

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