Madesan Eatery: Healthy, Plant-based Catering for Health-Minded Jakartans

FINDING a reliable eating establishment where you can eat healthy foods and drinks in Jakarta is a huge challenge. At least for me.

As we all know, Jakarta is home to a vast number of both traditional (old) and emerging fast food chains. Some traditional food chains could be as small as soto or bakso (meatball) sellers with several branches in and outside Jakarta. And there are still many more fast food and snack chains operating in the capital, eyeing the curious consumers that are hungry for culinary adventures.

These foods that both the Indonesian traditional and imported food chains offer us could be great for occasional festivities.

But consuming such foods on daily basis would eventually put our health at risk. You can enjoy the taste now but must pay the higher cost later, says a quote that likens eating unhealthy foods to making purchase with a credit card.

If you’re living or staying in Jakarta and have been searching for a place to eat home-made, plant-based, healthy foods, but have no ample time to cook on your own, then I recommend MADESAN EATERY.

Santi Wibisono, its founder, has been always an avid advocate of conscious eating. She thinks our foods are our medicine. She strongly believes that plant-based diets are ideal for both humans and our ailing planet.

Having learned from Chef Made Runatha who owns and runs his own healthy restaurant in Ubud, Bali, Santi brings the authenticity and health benefits of plant-based dishes to Jakarta, where people are even more in dire need of prime nutritions from mother Earth and freedom of hazardous chemical substances in foods.

Aside from meat and its processed forms, you’ll find no peanuts, gluten, cow milk, and even white sugar in Madesan Eatery foods and juices, making it even more reliable as a catering for health-minded folks like myself.

Even though initially I thought veganism was just a fad, now I know why this diet style has been adopted by Buddhist Shaolin monks and yogis in India for many centuries.

Vegan diet clears up our body and mind, and because I am practicing yoga myself I can observe how my diet can make or break my yoga practice on a particular day. A friend even says to me how her last night’s sugary cake impedes her while binding her arms during her Ashtanga self-practice. That’s one big warning, she continues.

The menu consists of various styles, from Indonesian, Japanese, to European. That means you won’t be bored with the taste, plus there are more nutritions for the body to absorb, in comparison with a single style menu.

I loved “nasi hitam bakar” (shown above) which is a local recipe that is upgraded with organic black rice and fresh vegetables. I especially adore the ‘sambal’ and too bad I cannot have more. And today I got this stir fried noodles and Japanese style salad.

I totally guarantee that the taste is good although they are plant-based. How can I say so? Because many times I ordered so-called healthy foods but the taste is horrible, discouraging those who are new triers to stick to the diet. While there are also some ‘healthy’ foods that turn out to be delicious but not so healthy because there are some ingredients that they use or the way they serve it. For example, you order broccoli. But when you see HOT broccoli soup in a plastic container, you suddenly question how much this so-called healthy food seller is committed to the health aspect. Madesan Eatery won’t serve you hot foods in a plastic container because that is just carcinogenic! (*/)

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