My Life Purpose Is…


Am I too greedy?

But really, I want to achieve many things in life.

Researchers as quoted by stated that living with a clear sense of purpose may help us live longer.

Living long is just a life full of cyclical events without having an ultimate goal. It can be larger than you or even as simple as your own welfare and well being.

Humans just have to live with an evident goal to arrive (or rather, they wish to arrive). Or else, they wander aimlessly on earth and live recklessly.

That said, I can hereby define my life goals as follows:

  • Helping others with yoga and healthy lifestyle: When the world population is aging faster than ever, I see some opportunities. Teaching yoga would benefit others a lot. And I believe so much in the benefits of yoga for well being and overall health because I have proven that myself.
  • Writing great, timeless stuff: All my childhood, teenagehood, and early adulthood were filled with literary fascination. Though no one in my nuclear and extended family had produced a literary work that sells out there, I want to write one. Sure I have been very much involved in some book projects before but none is sold under my own name. So I am looking forward to publishing one. Or more. Isn’t it great to spend the rest of my life writing not only books but also many other for posterity, that can give them a glimpse of the era when I am living on earth?

How about you? What is your life purpose?

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