Why Apples and Green Tomatoes May Be The Ideal Vegan Replacement for Your Whey Protein


Thinking that only red meat can grow your muscles? Wait until you read through this.

Two natural substances (ursolic acid and tomatidine) found in apples and green tomatoes apparently can make your as strong as Popeye. They may help us combat aging processes in our muscles. As we all know, as our age advances, we lose more and more muscle mass.

This is a finding that scientists had after an experiment involving mice. Old mice that fed on apples and green tomatoes are known to have a higher muscle mass (10% higher) which enables them to be 30% stronger than their counterparts with no such fruit consumption.

Most of us may find out that muscles get weak and their strength decline as we grow older. And this means elderly people are more vulnerable to less quality of life. They should be able to lead an independent and productive life at an advanced age with sustained muscle mass.

Even if you’re not an elderly and young enough in your twenties or thirties, benefits of the two compounds are still existent. Eating apple peel and green tomatoes helps you replenish your muscle mass and strength, which may make both produces an ideal pre and post workout meal.

The research was conducted by Christopher Adams, who teaches internal medicine in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and senior study author. He founded Emmyon, Inc., a biotechnology company which worked in partnership with the University of Iowa.

BodybuildingWomanWe know the trend now that more and more people are told by advertisers that the more protein they consume, the better their physique and health would be. But that is not always the case because overconsumption of protein supplement such as protein powder can bring us more risks of health destruction than improvement. Cited from Harvard Medical School, protein powders may contain added sugar, calories, or even toxic chemicals. Which totally makes sense because they are artifically produced by humans.

Apples and tomatoes are different especially the organic ones as they are less likely to have such disadvantageous substances.

So, are you ready to replace that protein powder and whey protein with more FRESH fruits and vegetables? (Source: University of Iowa)

Latest Job Vacancy for Metrosexuals: More Korean Boys Recruited to Sell Cosmetics

┬áLadies and gents, welcome the dawn of the new era of SPG! No, it doesn’t stand for Sales Promotion Girls, but Sales Promotion GUYS. As reported by english.chosun.com, in South Korea more and more good-looking boys get recruited by cosmetics shops.

So how could this happen? It looks like these gorgeous males will be employed as tools to attract more female, heterosexual customers. Besides, there’re more males out there pay more attention to their outlook (read: facial skin), and the sales promotion guys will surely provide more convincing testimonies for these potential customers. Seriously, how can you guys reject cosmetics offered by supple-skinned fellows whom you’re dying to be like!

But it doesn’t stop there. Aside from hair style and facial skin, a sales promotion guy ought to let their hands manicured on a regular basis. Sorry dudes, rough palms with lots of dead skin cells turn of the company’s female shopping appetite.

This may sound as silly as it can do but face the fact, girls. Apart from the men physical exploitation, it’s true that boys (start to) rule your world, ladies. Talk about men emancipation! (source: http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/02/09/2012020900448.html)