In Indonesia, Terrorism Has Never Been This Close and Alarming

Prevention of terrorism attacks are never too late. Start from now before it is too late for Indonesia to become as wretched as Middle East. [Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons]
WE had this conversation over a dinner with some really good topics. As much as I hate the traffic, I also respected the person who invited me to the dinner (or ifthar). I am by no means a huge fan of bukber at a shopping center or any place where crowd gathers and people kill time by avoiding maddening traffic jams.

We had this conversations about yoga and pleasant themes but it suddenly took an unexpected turn.

I had nothing to comment about the recent terrorism attacks in Surabaya. Of course I curse and never ever condone such inhumane acts. That is perhaps because I find it hard to relate to terrorism. I kept thinking that it would never happen around me, or it would happen but I don’t think it will happen to me or my immediate family or in my neighborhood.

But one of my friends at the dining table there had opened my mind that there is always possibility that terrorism has appeared and given – even the slightest- signals around us but we choose to ignore these until it is too late to prevent them from claiming casualties around us.

We are awaken that terrorism has reached a new level. Now children have also been sacrificed to reach the so-called holy goal of realizing fully sharia nation and government, which we never knew they would do.

“Also in our WhatsApp groups of family and friends, we all have those people with fundamentalist way of thinking. And we cannot help it. They are around us,” he said.

I totally can relate to his anxiety. All of us, I guess.

Some of us have courage to fight against this by plunging into the ocean of debate and endless argument and some others just watch and sit and wait. Nothing real is done.

I used to be silent and give no comments on this issue but this time I cannot hold myself back.


But at the same time we should bear in mind that we should not fight against terrorists.


Because these people are actually parts of us. They can be your acquaintances, your neighbors, your coworkers, your mates, fellows, parents, siblings, and spouses who buy into the belief spread by irresponsible parties claiming that muslims in Indonesia are under attack, treated unfairly by the current government, marginalized in some way, and so forth.

If we take time to let them know and comprehend what is better for us together and let them know that the dogma and doctrines they have in mind are unfeasible in this diverse world, there must be some improvement in terrorism prevention measures.


Leave screens and start building interactions. I mean real interactions with human beings in person. Because that way, we can really understand how they think and set aside bias in our own mind and theirs. It is less about finding who wins or loses but more about compromising. We can work it out. (*/)

Every time you think terrorism has a justifiable reason, see these deprived homeless young children. That is what can happen to our future generation in the country. [Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Real Victims

We all have been so fed up with the news of ISIS bombings recently. Many said it is connected to Al Qaeda, its predecessor. But most of us are not aware of the fact that there is a huge fundamental difference between both bloody radical organizations. Al Qaeda required the demolition of Western civilization which they reckon wicked and evil as well as convert all humans into Sunni Islam in order to achieve the ideal world.

ISIS’s objective of existence is far worse than Al Qaeda. They wish to found a militant sunni sovereign state that later on can predominate the earth. To add to the horror and terror, those who refuse to submit to their commands and convert into Sunni Islam will lose their heads, just like our martyr American journalist James Foley.

Both of them are now in conflict, too. Yes, terrorists wage war with each other as well. Al Qaeda has been dying quite recently primarily due to the airstrikes led by the United States. And in order to survive, strangely enough, Al Qaeda sought assistance to ISIS. These days, sources stated Al Qaeda concentrates its resources on eastern countries. They prefer developing eastern countries like India to any Arab countries.

Some speculate that after support given by Libyan and Egyptian jihadist groups, Al Qaeda will at last sympathize towards ISIS. Yet, it is not confirmed just yet.

The conflict between ISIS and Al Qaeda began when ISIS slaughtered many of Al Qaeda’s high level affiliates. The mastermind behind the mass murder was of course the one and only Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, ISIS frontman.

Al Qaeda, nevertheless, probably has the fatter chance of winning the game. It has devised a more shrewd efficacious strategy that is made sure to be able to run smoothly in the longer terms. It is like a race between a hare and a turtle, with ISIS as the first and Al Qaeda the second.

You can tell one is Al Qaeda or ISIS member or sympathizer by his or her attitude towards Shiite. Al Qaeda members avoid confrontation against Shiite; but ISIS would simply brutally butcher any Shiite, treating Shiite like any unbelievers.

Regardless of all these concords between these two demonic groups, the biggest victims of Al Qaeda and ISIS are not people of different faiths but genuine muslims. Most genuine muslims are sincerely peaceful, abhor violence for violence’s sake, generous (great hosts), charitable and tolerant. But Al Qaeda and ISIS have changed this world into a more hostile, earthly hell for the entire muslimhood once and for good.