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Funding Globetrotting Lifestyle for Non-Bourgeoisie Members of Society

Let’s be transparent. Do you think globetrotting is possible for everyone on earth regardless of their economic status? No. It is very sad to see that some people are still disillusioned by this misleading campaign from European backpackers and digital … Continue reading

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5 Essential Elements of Storytelling Travel Writers Should Never Miss

TRAVELING is the best time for shopping! I mean, shopping of experiences, instead of goods. I am not an anti-materialism advocate in this case but I am hooked by the idea a thought leader said that “if you have money, … Continue reading

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Awaiting the Dragon by the Sea

DARKNESS SET IN when the bus I took crawled slowly on a bumpy and narrow road. The machine kept making noise, moving forward to reach our destination. I cast a glance outside. Nothing was perfectly lit. I was on a … Continue reading

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Colin Thubron on the Arts of Travel Writing and …KGB?

I should tell you I was clueless when Deepika Shetty mentioned Colin Thubron as her featured author on that fine Friday morning (3/10) at Ubud Writers Readers Festival 2014.So apparently he is a renowned British traver author and novelist. Having … Continue reading

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