The Miserable State of Online News

Now I’m less and less visiting online news outlets. Especially ones with clickbait headlines and listicles.

I’m enough with all the hoaxes around the web.

I quit Facebook altogether without remorse. Though still on Instagram, I’m trying to restrict my time on the app.

Mostly because I am hugely disappointed with its validity and accuracy.

All this chaos is partly caused by the rise of FREE online news. People are now more into free news because they are not charged with any fees.

But if you get sick with fake news and hoax, I think paying or subscription scheme is a must.


Because this is how news or media outlets can be freed from the requirement of making money through online ads.

Online ads do kill us slowly. The democracy is withering. People misunderstand each other. Messages are twisted, contorted, and manipulated. All is done in a massive, unprecedented scale.

I start to turn to print media now.

Magazine and books are where our hopes lie.

And this is why I now am reading more and more magazines and books instead.

The knowledge and news in these print media are much more worthwhile and timeless.

Words are carfeully edited and arranged, which is a pleasure to the eyes.

And the experience of reading online articles is worse. Full of distraction. Banners, pop-up ads, affiliate links, etc.

Print media is now becoming more like a luxury, something that no financially challenged people cannot afford. Because you have to pay to enjoy the content. And even if most people can afford, they still have to prioritize their own expenses.

And I’m truly amazed by Tempo Magazine is doing now to stay afloat in the middle of hoax deluge.

Gems stay gems no matter how deep muds bury them.

This is why I am now inclined to enjoy news offline. I read Times, HBR, nonpartisan newspapers, and so on. I prefer news outlets that still stand by their journalism ethics and norms and long-built reputation.

News that are less likely to be found on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. Some indepth coverage that are longer to produce but more satisfying, not emotionally, but factually. Because fake news and hoax play with your emotions more than real news. Real news allow us to get a deeper understanding about issues. All around as a whole – not in bits. (*/)

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