The Problem of Favorite Poses

YOUR favorite postures can do you more harm than good – if done continuously in too long a period of time. Yin yoga guru Paul Grilley takes snail pose as one example. He loved this pose so much he did it frequently for 15 years and each practice he held the pose for a long time. “Then I have an upper spine and ilio sacral problems which I determined were caused by my favorite pose!” He wrote in his book “Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice”.

I too have similar issues back then. The difference was my favorite asanas were backbends. Until one day I felt a disturbing, stinging pain in my lower back. This didn’t feel good, I thought, so I left my deep backbend practice for weeks and lowered down the intensity. Now I still do backbending poses but with more awareness and less ambition of deepening only to impress people (ego really sucks). How about you? What favorite pose that got you injured?

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