This Is Why You Should Install Mozilla Firefox and Ditch Chrome

HEATED conversations on the web regarding  online privacy post Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal months ago keeps gaining momentum. Though most people find it boring, the issue is in fact crucial so as to prevent such unhealthy domination.

One of the best ways to avoid abuse of data by large internet corporations is by using by needs and avoiding use of all products in a centralized manner. In other words, if you have an Android gadget, the risks are getting higher if you are on Chrome, using Google Docs and Google Maps. That translates to living in a closed ecosystem, as if you have no alternatives. That way, all your data is held by a single company, i.e. Google. It will be better to use several services by different companies according to your needs.

One real step to take in order to restrict data abuse on the web is by using Firefox of Mozilla and abandoning other web browsers which do not show more concern about their user privacy.

Why Firefox?

These days according to Statcounter, Chrome browser dominates browser market share worldwide, partly thanks to the Android invasion. In the meantime, Firefox only ranks the fourth after Safari and UC Browser.

In Indonesia, Chrome still champions and Firefox is at the fourth rank after UC Browser and Opera, competing against Safari and other browsers.

Firefox was first introduced in 2004 so it is no longer new actually. To general audience, it looks just the same with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera. However, what is important to know is that other than Chrome, Firefox was made by Mozilla which is a non-profit organization with a mission to realize an open and healthy internet. Privacy and security are two main concerns of Mozilla.

Chrome does NOT prioritize your privacy as users. This is clear when you take time to sit down and peruse its policy that Chrome actually saves your internet exploration data locally unless you sign out of your Google account. In addition, Chrome also allows third party websites to access your IP address and other information which is traceable by cookies. If you are very concerned about privacy, this is something not to be taken lightly as your data can be sold to advertisers and third party companies that are able to trace your behaviors on the web.


At Firefox, Mozilla offers a number of options of search engines. This freedom is not found in other browsers. Or if you may find it, it is not regarded as the strong unique selling point. Users can opt for Google as their search engine but here the difference is that anyone can choose deliberately. And if they are not willing, users are possible to choose another search engine. This is what we mean by “freedom”.


You can take control of data with comfort and protected from unwanted tracking  by using Firefox browser. It’s a well-known browser that can also prevent advertisers from tracking you down. Have you ever accessed an ecommerce website, haven’t checked out and completed the payment and at the samee time you’re visiting another site that shows you an advertisement of the previously product you are just about to purchase? That’s what I mean by “tracking”.

Privacy for All

Not everyone on the web is a geek or an internet savvy user. There are more lay people out there who don’t even know the urgency of internet privacy but they do have and use smartphones on daily basis. These people are in fact a group of internet users who enjoy most benefots from using Firefox because they find it hassle-free to turn on the “Do Not Track” feature. On Firefox, such a feature is on by deafult. However, on Chrome such a feature is not turned on by default so non-geek users would find it more challenging to turn the feature on.


Even if you think Mozilla Firefox is not giving enough privacy protection, you are encouraged to download Firefox Focus, the latest browser from Mozilla. It focuses primarily on protecting your online privacy. This abrowser is available for both Android and iOS handhelds.

And good news for Android users, Mozilla plans to launch this year a new browser called “Firefox Preview” that focuses more on privacy than any other browsers existing in the market.  And Firefox Preview will be better than Firefox Focus in terms of privacy and online security in the near future. (*/)

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