Verb as Complement

What is a verb complement?

A verb complement is the arrangement of one verb as the object of another verb. This happens 4 ways in English:

1. With infinitives


I askedĀ her to leave.

I wanted to leave.

I helpedĀ him to leave.

I stopped for the child to cross the street.


2. With gerunds


I consideredĀ leaving the job.

I regretted his leaving the job.

They decided on leaving.

3. Verb + preposition + gerund

as a result of from in view of thanks to
at in of through
because of in exchange for on account of with
by means of in return for on the strength of without
by virtue of in spite of out of
for fear of in the face of owing to
for lack of in the light of
for want of


He hid the wallet, for fear of being stolen.

4. Adjective + Preposition +Gerund


I’m fond of learning mathematics. (fond: adj/ of: prep/gerund: learning mathematics)


Look up each of the following verbs and identify the verb patterns. Write the first three words of the pattern sentence for each verb pattern. Note: some verbs have several different verb patterns depending on the meaning.

1. understand

2. note

3. appreciate

4. mean

Now, write a completely original sentence — not copied from the book for each of these four words.





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